Rancho Cucamonga, California

The Pulte home I purchased has serious water problems. Whenever it rains (or snows), the sump pump works continuously to pump water out of my basement.

The volume of water that is up pumped out is ridiculous! It's enough to fill a swimming pool!! The force of the water coming out broke the pipe! The pump is noisey--it can be heard throughout the house.

When it's bedtime, it's hard to fall asleep or stay asleep. Quiet enjoyment of my home is impossible. I can lose everything if i lose power.

My basement can't be enjoyed even though it is a finished basement. Pulte has to make this right or I will sue their ***.

  • Hickory Hill
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If repair is made and hook up stays the same it still may not work when a heavy rain or a Sandy comes through.Water,when discharging in a drain pipe is design for that drain pipe only and not a sump pump.If sump pump has heavier discharge of water something will give.Will it be the gutter downspout or the sump pump.Had a Simular issue and now ok but took a long time and a nasty letter to repair.Was I made whole or?


I agree. The downspout from the roof gutters fills up with LOTS of water when it rains hard.

That water is pushing into the house, above ground level, at high pressure. Sump pumps are low pressure pumps, so the pump is getting overwhelmed by the incoming water from the exact pipe where it is supposed to be pumping water out of the basement. Bad design. I would recommend side venting the drain pipe from the roof in the opposite direction of where the sump pump is attached, and just above that joint.

The side vent will allow storm water to squirt out in case of a raging storm, but most rains will just go straight down.

Also good for getting leaves out of the downspout! Also, the pipe coming out of the basement should be piped AWAY from the house (perhaps using a separate small-diameter pipe out to the road or to a stormwater drains, assuming these are not uphill).


You need to contact your home owners insurance. They would be able to do a write up that would force the builder to have to do something, especially if you have one of a horrific clan of people called a condo association or housing association.

They can be responsible too.

Point is you need to get professionals in there who will document and say whether or not there is a problem before you make demands. Simply complaining won't get these criminals to do anything.