Mebane, North Carolina

I purchased my home in January 2012 and the vinyl siding on the left side of my home is melting. The builder Pulte refuse to come out and replace the vinyl siding.

They are saying its not covered under the warranty. I called the warranty and was told the builder is responsible for replacing the siding. i called the builder personally and was told rduwarranty would handle any concerns regarding the vinyl siding. Both warranty departments are pointing fingers at each other.

How much would it take for the builder to come out and replace the vinyl siding.

This is a nightmare. I have to the point of tears and unavailable to sleep or eat.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Why aren't the companies who build one housing development after another where homes are placed too close together held accountable for fraudulent behavior. This is 2018 and these homes with the same windows and same siding, same spacing between houses are still being built despite the continuation of melting siding.

It is not rare, it is throughout our whole subdivision. Our builder had been having the problems in other states when we unsuspectingly in good faith had our home built. None of us can she'll out thousands of dollars to replace siding and windows to ensure it doesn't happen again. Isn't it fraud to sell someone a new product knowing that the product will fail and cost the buyer this type of costs?

They could rectify it. But they continue to defraud.


A builder has to give you a one year warranty on workmen ship

and a 10 year on Structural issues! Which means your siding from your pictures looks like a manufactures defect and see what company made the siding and contact them,most of the time they

will send a rep.out and if its their problem they will fix it,But if it was install wrong they will put it in writing for you to show Pulte

and then call the FTC and get them involved it the warranty claim!


What all you need to do is call the FTC COMMISSION, I worked

in the building industry and was a supervisor in building

and warranty Department for different builders. I have seen really bad workman ship and usually its all because of the supervision on the job,and most have no idea what they are doing they got there jobs by who they knew rather that what they knew!

Just call the warranty department and tell them you want answer's then let them know you are doing a follow up call to the FTC they have so many days to fix the work or will be fined,then ask the FTC to do a audit of there warranty department! Bet that will get you answers!


It is not a problem with the siding. It is the WINDOWS.

They are NOT FLAT. Replacing them with new ones, and replacing the siding will cause the identical problem. You need to get the window supplier to deliver a truly FLAT window. The reflective thing is not a problem IF the window is FLAT.

Pulte in MN knows this.

They replaced a bunch of ours twice, before they started demanding FLAT windows from the windows maker. Got it?


Thanks for your feedback! We have reached the local office and found the issue to be resolved.

We hope you will come to Pulte any time you may be experiencing trouble with your home so that we can have the opportunity to make it right! Have a great day.


Pulte Homes what is your contact info??? MANY of my neighbors including myself are having this issue in our new development in Bluffton, South Caroline.

NO ONE from Pulte will even come out to look at it!

It is a shame they do not care now that the development is fully filled out and all the homes are sold.

PLEASE email me w.bates45@yahoo.Com

Subject "Pulte Siding Issues"

Greatly Appreciate it!