Chicago, Illinois
Not resolved

Purchased home from pulte homes two months ago.. Doors and windows do not close.

Foundation cracked .. I have contact them and they do not return my calls!! DO NOT PURCHASE A HOME FROM THEM !!!! Wish I would have known before I purchased the home, of how they don't care to fix the homes only sell!!!

When I complain to the main office they tell me go online and do a complain.. What is the point if that if they do not contact you .My neighbor has a sign in front of home saying how he is not satisfied .

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PHM product is carrrrapppppppp! PHM doesnt have good control over their builds so the end product suffers.

did you have to sign a arbitration clause? i would file a lawsuit just to get it documented even if you cant get all the way through the process that PHM trie to avoid to sell homes, etc.


Manny, after reading your comment I just want to say that you should send a letter registered to get a receipt when it is delivered. That way you have proof you contacted them.

Pulte tries to wear you down so you give up and just move on. Don't give up and keep on it that way you can see an attorney with all the attemps you made to resolve your issues.