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I closed on a Pulte Homes in a suburb in southwest Houston. While it was being constructed, I pointed out a few things and the sales person considered it minor and assured me that they'll take care of things when giving the finishing touches. Then I pointed out major things like entire walls that were not perpendicular to the ground and some that just weren't straight. In this day and age with all the technology we have, how do you not put up a straight wall? Post closing, even the blinds guy from home depot told us that our windows weren't straight or parallel and builder had cut many corners. We sat back and waited for closing day as per advise by the sales agent.

On closing day, the same issues were unresolved! When I first got out of my car, the driveway was full of mud and there were bee hives. Grass was tall and it wasn't even grass. It's like they picked up small grass patches from wild grass they found on the side of the road and threw them in the yard. Really now? Closing day is when the house should be in it's prestige condition. When I pointed things out, they kept saying that those are minor and can be taken care of after closing. We told them then the house remains unfinished. They disagreed and said it's in a livable condition and it's finished. We signed off again trusting that it would be fixed (*** on our part). Some issues they came and fixed right away that were security related - door locks, broken windows etc. but others still remain pending. In some cases contractors were sent to assess but never returned.

The website is useless. After filing complaints, I had to chase down the field manager myself. Field manager blames contractors. When I contact the contractors myself asking why they haven't returned to complete the job, they blame *** saying that they haven't been paid for their previous work.

It's unfortunate but several of my coworkers and family saw the condition of the house during the housewarming. Some of them are now looking to buy and I'm having to warn them about Pulte and in many things I don't have to say much. They could see for themselves. If not closing, I wished I had positive things to say about post-closing service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pulte Homes House Construction.

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I am beginning to notice A LOT of shoddy work on our NEWLY built Pulte home (also in a suburb of SW Houston). We are currently in the process of seeing if Pulte will do anything about everything we have encountered.

I will NEVER again buy from Pulte and I will recommend any future home buyers to stay away from Pulte! *** builders!!


Thanks bro! Good to read a review from SW Houston (probably Sienna).

Pulte were shortlisted in my selection. Won't be purchasing from them.

I've heard about the cutting corners and not paying attention to details from several people but if entire walls aren't even straight, you gotta wonder what the qualifications of their contractors are. :x


Any suggestion's for builders? We are relocating from NY quickly, with 2 weeks notice from work.

They will put us in a temporary apartment for 3 months. We are looking at different development's, but any suggestions of builders?