Gainesville, Virginia

We had a tons of nail pop through out entire town home. Before the warranty was up, they promised to send someone to fix the problem. A contractor did come and asked to put red tapes next to all the pops we saw, we did, and never came back again. Never! Shingle problem is just beginning. According to the a private contractor we paid out of our pocket told us that the nails spread out too wide and had too much pressure that punctured through shingles. The flashing of the outside of the house wasn't installed correctly pushing all the water into the main level of house. Putting bathroom in the middle of main level is a huge mistake as it blocks views from all angles between rooms. I am not sure who enjoys being the center of attention while they are doing their business in bathroom.

All the toilets bolts were rusted because of the too much iron in the water supply, granted it really is not the fault of the builder, but they should have considered it if they are a smart builder and not a cheap scape.

Wiring in the kitchen were cross wired, that would short the circuit time to time. The outlet housing itself came off a couple of times while unplugging appliances.

Because of the fact that the washer and dryer are located on third floor (which is good idea); however, when washer goes through its cycle, it vibrates the floor a bit AND this causes tile(S) in the bathrooms to either crack or come off. Found out that there were no support under the tiles beside the bare plywood.

Professionalism of PULTE homes is deteriorating along with any houses they built, are building and will build.

My advice? Buy a tent and put a tarp over it, and it would serve very close to what PULTE home could offer.

Monetary Loss: $17000.

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