Deerfield, Illinois
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We bought a new house from Pulte at end of 2012 and we have been having problems with them since. First off, the heating issue is terrible - they made a mistake with the pipes and as a result the pipe is not supplying air floor by floor, which made our second floor 7-9 degrees hotter than first floor.

We went back and forth with them more than 20 times (we had to *** work many times), and they admit they made a mistake at installation. Finally the VP came to inspect our home and realize it is unbearable. They had contract to come over to fix the mistake (which only took them 2 hours work). Second, roof leaking.

Our master bedroom ceiling was leaking water and the wall had big area water marks and got worse. The filed manager came over found out the problems (at the roof). They said they will fix it. And we have been calling, emailing them, no response.

Four months later, issue still not fixed. Other issues like frozen pipes (when they built it, they made a mistake and forgot to seal the pipes), also never came back to finish up. cracked dry wall, they had a contractor, and the contractor didn't show up on the day. Then later contacted me and sent one of his contractor who did a bad job.

I am very disappointed with Pulte Homes services and quality of the house.

They used to be such high quality home builders. What happened to this company?

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Did you have the home inspected by a 3rd party professional?