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Update by user May 28

Pulte/DelWebb at Cypress Falls is a joke. They changed the name from Pulte to DelWebb coincidentally as they were starting to build their new phase on the property.

They put DelWebb on the front entrance and on each entrance gate in Giant Gold letters. How gaudy and unnecessary when the landscape maintenance and construction quality is so poor.

Update by user May 28

Landscape maintenance is a joke!! Brightview is the landscape maintenance company and they can't keep supervisors.

Weeds everywhere, irrigation rarely works and is supposed to be checked monthly. The grass looks half dead and the workers throw cigarette butts and their trash around the water areas. Ponds full of algae, and grasses. Residents upset because they paid for a water view but are seeing grass instead.

Lawns not sprayed regularly with nutrients or for bugs, therefore large dead patches. Plants not fertilized or trimmed regularly or on schedule. New homes being built loaded with leaks and warranty issues. HOA not responsive or resolving issues.

Been through 3 property managers in 3 years. Pulte extended our HOA takeover because their new home sales are slipping.

Was told before purchasing that they modeled this community after Island Walk..........in their dreams. THIS PLACE IS A DUMP.

Original review posted by user Jul 25, 2018

Bought a home in Cypress Falls and between getting issues fixed (sometimes as long as 7 weeks to get service) to terrible property maintenance I am advising anyone to think twice before purchasing here. I have advised the property manager on numerous occasions that weeds are everywhere and dead plants are not being replaced as required in docs. Dead trees sitting on properties for months before being removed, grass that looks as though it is cut by a scissors, and they rarely trim foliage as required. Mulch beds not maintained and dead grass in many areas. Red ant mounds all over the property. The excuses I keep getting is it isn't in the budget, it's raining, it's anything but it will be done and when.

There are way too many concrete cracks on sidewalks, driveways and front entrances to homes.

Roof damage done by vendors who power wash and neither the vendor nor the Pulte/HOA willing to pay to fix though the docs clearly say that the vendors who they hire are responsible. There is always an excuse NOT to Do.

Recently Pulte amended the docs to make the community golf cart friendly even though overwhelmingly the homeowners did not want golf carts. And Pulte never so much as sent out a questionnaire to advise us that this change would occur. This is not a golf course community and the only reason for the change was that the new homes they were building included extra garage space for them. Before this new home building phase golf carts were strictly prohibited.

Without notice to the homeowners affected they started cleaning the preserve areas behind neighbors homes and left a ditch full of debris from the work and do not intend to clean it out.

Pulte also changed the name to Del Webb recently as well coinciding with the new building as well.......hmmm too many Pulte bad reviews?? Caution

Product or Service Mentioned: Pulte Homes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Pulte Homes Cons: Poor quality maintenance and terrible responses to service, Cheap construction, Buyers bears the cost of builders neglect.

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I agree to all of what others listed. It all happened to us too.

We had 15 months of non stop warranty work when we first moved into our new home. Our nice waterway is gone, with too much grass/vegetation in it. We have cracks on front entrance patio and side of the house. They say that they trim bushes 9x a year.

It’s more like 3x a year. My grass has been dead since Nov 2018. They finally replaced it in May 2019. But it was looking half dead when they put it down,and now it’s totally dead.

I sent a landscape order at least 4 wks ago for grass replacement. Still nothing. They said I should have it by end of July. I was also sexually assaulted by a tile worker who fixed the grout in our shower several times.

We had a lot of stress. All appliances had to get fixed too in the first few months. All 4 driveways had to be torn up and cement re-poured. Tile roof had to be repaired too.

Centex would not postpone our closing date. Contract said we could for $250 a day. We offered to do that, but Centex sold our house for more $ to someone else because they needed a place now. We sold our house and had no place to move to Centex would not refund our $25,000 deposit unless we build again.

We had to move almost 1000 miles and another 2000 miles within 7 months to move into Cypress Falls 16 MONTHS after we signed the original contract. Builder covers his butt by saying in Contract under “Default” that it’s up to the Builder if he wants to postpone closing. To take our house away 3 wks before closing at Christmas time is heartless. We have been under a lot of stress since we decided to move here in 2013.

Now we have constant issues with landscaping. I want to sell. This is not the paradise I signed up for. The only nice thing about Cypress Falls is the pool.

It’s beautiful. When we moved in end of 2014 we had around 300 residents. There will be 700. Now we have 400 and many can’t get into the clubhouse for functions like entertainment, comedy shows, dances, Christmas party & so on.

It’s all by lottery drawing. Clubhouse is not large enough to accommodate all residents. We pay HOA, CDD & a Maintenance fee and I feel we are not getting what we should. Our tile roof will be power washed soon by the HOA.

Others who had this already done had broken tile and had to pay for it. That’s wrong. We were told the HOA takes care of the roofs. My husband & I never had any arguments until we moved here almost 5 yrs ago.

It’s non stop and I’m tired of it. All this stress has also affected his health. He was healthy when we moved here. Stress does kill.

Before moving here ask neighbors how they like it here. Ask more than one.

I’m ready to sell next Spring and move closer to family in TX. Good Luck!