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Update by user Oct 10, 2013

The field manager called and said he would come over to see where the water was standing....

Update by user Oct 07, 2013

The Pulte field manager agreed to come out and inspect the drain field. He was busy after the rain so he hasn't had time to come yet.

Just beware that the customer service reps in Denver don't always know what they are talking about even though that's where the sales rep and field manager will send you. Keep asking questions and make sure you know your warranties.

Original review posted by user Sep 09, 2013

I closed on a new construction Pulte home in Phoenix on August 2. On September 8 after morning rain, I discovered an area of 13'out from the patio is sinking with mud from the rain and runoff of two roof lines. Once the rain stopped, I discovered the two AC units on the east side of the home that are in the drainage field were standing in water.

I called Pulte customer service 1-800# (in Denver) on September 9 at 8:30 AM to ask for help of my new build home that has mud immediately off the patio. Here is their response to a homeowner who just bough their home: "If you haven't laid down rock in the backyard in 30 days, you voided your drainage warranty."

Without coming to the home to inspect to ensure their 'landscape ready' grading and swale are indeed perfect to their 'always perfect workmanship,' they accused me of voiding my drainage warranty by not installing rock in 30 days. They completely missed the point that this newly built home was graded with a swale that allows for improper drainage along with standing water around two large AC units as a result.

Note that even if I had laid down rock within 30 days, the situation would be worse...sinking rock into mud. Missing rock in a 'landscape ready' grade is not the issue here. It is not an issue that I created from the lack of installing rock. I didn't build the house nor have I touched the their landscape ready grade and swale.

Pulte refused to send their field manager to inspect their landscape ready grade and swale for proper drainage and diversion of water away from the foundation of the home and the AC units. The AC units sit right next to the fence and there is too much water sitting in that small area versus the water being diverted to the center of the yard.

Hey, Pulte! You forgot that YOU built the house, not me! I didn't touch your grading yet, and you're setting yourself up for a future construction defect claim.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pulte Homes House Construction.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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I learn something every day.

It rains in Arizona ?

Ari - Zona : Sp. - dry place


Sounds like catnap means someone should finish building the home lmmfao.


I feel badly for you and I do see their point. The process of laying gravel would have corrected the drainage problem.

It would have created slope away from the house in the area, first of all. Then you would have lay landscape cloth and pinned it. After all that you put the gravel.

In addition, you might have added drainage either from the roof or French drains to have avoided the heavy runoff.

Perhaps now you can call an expert to help you mitigate your damages. Best in the future.