Fleetwood, Pennsylvania

I put down a deposit of 10% on a Pulte townhome, obviously with every intention of going through with the sale by putting down that much money. A few weeks before closing I found out that a job I was to start in january was not guaranteed, also that my daughter who was going to live with me would be moving to North Carolina when her husband returned from Iraq.

This was not the situation when I agreed to purchase the home. She was going to help me with the bills because I am currently on disability. We had been looking for a home for awhile and were excited. I did not feel comfortable that I could find a job in time, having been on disability it is not easy, to support the home so I canceled the sale due to financial hardship.

Pulte then sent me an email saying they would hold my deposit on account for 6 months to put towards another pulte home. When I called them about it they told me that email was a mistake and they would not hold my money nor refund it. I can never replace that money and depending what happens with my health I will really need it later on. How could they keep money from a person on disability??

They tried to talk me into buying the home and then reselling it and I just was not up for the stress of that or putting out the remainder of the money. I did not like their tactics when trying to sell the home either, they ignore all your concerns under the guise of making you feel like a chronic complainer when in reality they were real concerns. I am so sorry that I ever dealt with them

Monetary Loss: $17.

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That's why they have a deposit. To safe guard themselves for any losses should you pull out of the deal for ANY reason.

They have wasted all this time with you when they could have had it on the market with someone else.

This is not unique, all down payments or deposits are usually non-refundable, if they weren't what good would they be to a seller, they're the ones taking the risk?


It is not the builders fault that you have hardships in your life. Because of your hardships, should they accept the financial burden that you have placed upon them by contracting them to build your home?


Three WORDS. Class Action Suit.

These people must be stopped. They blame the Nations problems on bed Mortgage Brokers. It is the Builder's Mortgage Agents that "Close Deals" Mortgage Brokers live of referrals, they protect their Clients.

You Folks need to get together in Mass. That will be your Power.


SALES AGREEMENT should have had contingency to qualify for mortgage. Nearly all do.

Unless it was upfront plan to keep deposit under all circumstances. Suggesting check credit report inquiries. Thiefs might have known, in advance, financial information. Not comfortable with seller also financing.

What, didn't prequalify? Assume they knew, from the start, inability to finance.


We are in the same process process right now with another Pulte Homes/DiVosta in FL office. Pulte Mortgage denied our loan b/c we could not rent our current home and our debt to income ratio is too high and have informed us they will not return the $20,000 deposit.

Did anyone out there hire an attorney and get somewhere with Pulte? About to lose our life savings!!!....


Are you kidding me? Why would anyone expect to get their deposit back?

They built a new home for you. By you putting a deposit down you guarantee you will buy the home and they guarantee they will build it. If you back out, why wouldn't they be able to back out too. What if you put a deposit down, and they backed out?

You would sue them for that too. It sounds like you want your cake and eat it too.

It's not Pulte's fault you lost your job. If it was a refundable deposit, why even charge a deposit then?


was the issue ever resolved? Did they return your money or a portion or just stick to their guns and not pay?


I'm looking at purchasing a Pulte Home in S.C. The contract makes me very nervous. Does the consumer have any protection?


I am currently in the process of buying a home from pulte. To be honest these comments have made me very nervous.

Are there any positives with pulte? Am i doomed with this builder?


Pulte did the same thing to me in Las Vegas. They are now refusing to return my $10k deposit and I had asked to terminate before the check even cleared.

This company is crooked and I would not suggest that anyone deal with them. They asked for $10k down when I only needed $5k.

Horrilbe Serivce. No management structure and the there is no such thing as take care of the customer here...I will not let them take this money, I have a lawyer, and I will fight to the death with this one.


I am in similar situation at another place. Will one of you suggest that can it be claimed as loss for tax credit ?


I'm currently buying a home from Pulte and they told me right off the bat, under no circumstances will they refund the earnest money or down payment after my loan application was approved. If my loan application wasn't approved then they would refund my earnnest money.


I signed an agreement with pulte to purchase a house in california, due to my job lay off I couldn't buy that, but pulte homes didn't refund my $12000 deposit. could you please suggest me the best method to get the deposit back?


There was a sales event where only $10 was necessary for a down payment. If the person reneged, they would only charge $150.

Who knows if that was legal, but check out in google on their annual June sales event 2007. If they would do it then, why not now.

You wouldn't be able to qualify for a loan without a job, so therefore your deposit should be returned. geesch they must be getting desparate.