Atlanta, Georgia
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After 5 years the structure of the so called QUALITY home is starting to rotten (door frame on back door, design balcony on main entry), questionable roof construction, VERY questionable layout of gas line up in the attic (the gas line is been put right in front of the way when u get up the attic AND if that wasn't hazard enough its been routed approx. 1inch above the floor (!!!!!) so u MUST trip over it or step on it!

I could go on and on with endless complaints on how badly my (and almost all houses in our subdivision) were put together by Pulte's HIGH CLASS SUBCONTRACTORS - who use super unskilled workers (who 95% of the time don't even speak your language) in case you needed to communicate with someone!

That's a company that claims to be super good and makes money going super cheap and WE the customers have to live with their disaster work!


Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Yes, Pulte is a terrible company! Our three and a half yr.

old house has all kinds of issues! The pool in our our community is broke and has been since July!

The hot tub and indoor pool was broke since summer. This place is a rip off and we will move if we can sell our home!


McMansion with *** Chinese made pieces. What do you expect.

It's like a Rolls Royce with a Yugo engine. Looks good, but it's not.


It's very sad that Pulte thinks they can mass/poorly build and still call it "quality"! I've lived in a Pulte home in SW Atlanta for 9 years...from the 1st year to now we've had issues.

I'm so happy to be moving soon. I never asked to live in a fixer upper.

Might as well go convert a shack.

Very dissatisfied.


THe door frame issue is common. I fix 30 or 40 a year.

It's not a builder issue at all. Just water damage. Water and wood aren't great friends. The guttering looks like the downspouts need cleaned, because it appears that they are overflowing, backing up and running over.

That or you got some hard rain, and the 5" gutters couldn't keep up with the flow.

If this is your biggest complaint with your builder, then I'd say that you had a pretty good builder.


I see this all the time. It's not the craftsmanship that's the problem.

Rather, it's a bad design. The door on the balcony is not protected from the rain.

What you actually need is a little roof that looks like an awning above that door. Fixing the frame alone is wasteful because it will happen again and again.


What did you do to correct the rotting door frame? I have the exact same problem, and Pulte replaced the door three times under warranty but NEVER fixed the problem.


Hey brother,

I replaced the complete frame and door with vinyl and steel.

And I had to do that on my own expenses - THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT PULTE! - and I also had put a pergola on the back of my house that fixed the rain issue on my back door ;)

HOWEVER - the gas line issue on the attic still remains the same!

AND Pulte is back here in ***, GA - where they should have never been allowed to come back!


I've had the exact same thing happen to my back door, though I don't have a Pulte House (grew up in one though - monster squeaky floors throughout, and metal windows that cloud over between the panes cuz they don't keep a seal!!!!). My back door was already steel so I replaced the rotted frame with a pvc frame myself.

I also added a roof over the door, which should take care of water getting at the bottom corner of the door like your photo shows.

I don't believe a wood-frame door could possibly stand up to the elements, so I'm not surprised Anonymous' replacements rotted too!!

Water intrusion in a house is a dangerous thing and you have to fix it right and tight!


Where do you live? Sun City Peachtree?

Deaton Creek? Lake Oconee?