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I bought a Pulte home. I didn't know anything about Pulte before I bought the house. I simply needed a house at the time, and the one I bought happens to be Pulte. But after several years in the house now, I know better for the next time, to stay away from any Pulte homes.

House not wrapped (Tyvek or equal), so very drafty inside.

HVAC undersized and unbalanced, so room temps vary 20 deg from one end to the other.

Siding installed improperly (nails too tight, as if by a nail gun), so the siding is all wrinkly looking.

Internal wiring is a big mess, can't believe it passed inspection.

Taped sheetrock joints peeling everywhere, especially in the garage.

Nail pops everywhere throughout the house.

Fireplace not tight, so extremely drafty, and cold air gushes in all winter long.

Windows are of poorest quality and installed improperly. Locks don't work, windows won't stay closed, huge gaps around all windows, so very drafty.

Plumbing installed incorrectly in many places, and/or not insulated where they should be, so pipes sweat and leak in ceilings below.

Lowest quality 40% efficiency HVAC units and water heater, so gas and electric bills are abnormally high (also contributed to gaps and draft throughout the house.

Poorly insulated attic.

The list goes on and on. Heed my warning, stay away from Pulte homes. Don't contract to build one. What you know now won't help if you think you will contract to build one and just police their construction. Like any semi-custom home builder, they won't let you in until it's done, so you'll never see all their cheats and shotty workmanship hidden behind the walls and floors.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pulte Homes House Construction.

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The siding could be wavy because of the poor windows they put in the house. Pulte has a history of this.

There has been issues across the US with sunlight reflecting off of the windows on neighbors' houses. This sunlight reflects onto the siding and melts it, which makes it look wavy. The main reason for this is due to the poor low-E film that is put in these lower quality windows. The higher end window companies will use a higher quality film which does what its supposed to and absorbs the sunlight.

I do not support Pulte or any of their affiliations.


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