Charlotte, North Carolina

I purchases a previously owned Pulte home. The owner didn't live there much so it was looked like a new home.

It was really pretty because it hadn't been lived in. The first time it rained, water ran down the wall from the windows. The home warranty that was purchased from 2-10 Warranty doesn't cover window leaks. There was obvious water damage which wasn't reported by the inspector when the house was sold.

The kitchen faucet leaks and has water damage below the sink. The upstairs bathtub faucet leaked and the downstairs bath has the hot and cold switched. The gas furnace needed a lot of repairs and now it's summer and the heat pump doesn't work. Pulte puts in poor plumbing and furnaces/heat pumps.

I am very disappointed with the home and I have only been here 6 months. Will never purchase a Pulte home or recommend anyone else purchasing one. They may look nice but buyer beware. You better get an excellent inspector and get all the issues fixed.

I went through a relocation agency and I don't know how the inspector got away with not checking everything. They said the furnace wasn't inspected because they couldn't get to it.

That is no excuse! I can't believe I have to think about moving again but I just don't know what will break next in this house.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

  • poor plumbing
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