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We love our Pulte home, however our sewer line was improperly laid at a 7 degree angle up hill, which over time backed up and flooded our basement. We cannot get Pulte to respond to our many requests to relay the line.

We had a problem from day one with "air in the lines" and that they said was normal. We find out now that it was because of the improper installation of the sewer line. We have a $40,000 loss, which insurance covered except for our deductible.

Insurance however will not pay for the reinstallation of the sewer line, which we understand will cost us another $10,900.

Pulte refuses to respond with the name or address in order to put them on notice of arbitration. Our last resort unfortunately for everyone is the media.

Monetary Loss: $40000.

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Send it to their corporate office in Atlanta.


Here is their home office info:

PulteGroup, Inc.

3350 Peachtree Road, NE

Atlanta, GA 30326

(800) 777-8583