San Antonio, Texas
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We love our home, however we just had a major loss when the sewer line backed up and flooded our basement. The loss was approximately $40,000, which thankfully we had insurance to help cover, however it does not cover the cost ($10,900) to relay the improperly installed sewer line.

We contacted Pulte as soon as the problem occurred and they refused to even come out and look at the line after it was dug up. They refuse to give us information on the individual in the organization to contact and put on notice of arbitration. Our last resort is to contact the media, which is of no benefit for anyone. It seems that Pulte only responds to public media however based on past reports.

I hope the legal department at Pulte monitors these notices and will contact us to see if we can get a resolution to this problem before it goes any further.

Our number is 210-679-9774. We live in the Del Web Hill Country Retreat in San Antonio, Texas.

Monetary Loss: $40000.

  • Sewer Line Insulation
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