Madison, Wisconsin

I work in the insurance business. Pulte always requires multiple stipulations be made to the insureds (subcontractor's policy) when ever they allow a subcontractor to perform work on their behalf.

This is not out of the ordinary, however by far they have the most stringent requirements compared to other contractors. My compliant is that when ever payday comes around for the insured, some other requirement comes up that wasn't originally requested, or the certificate of insurance we provide is not worded correctly, etc. even though it was made out to their exact request. This is always a ploy to delay or simply not pay the contractor what they are owed, after work that they have performed for Pulte.

We are always having to redo or add something, or even bring to their attention that they have already received what they have requested. Always a bunch of game playing when it's time for Pulte to pay up. I think if more subcontractors would band together and simply refuse to do business with this company, then maybe Pulte would get the message and straighten up, or maybe they'd go out of business. Business that play games and *** other businesses around should go out of business.

The world is full of game players and even worse, less than honest people and companies/corporations. Stop doing business with this type of company.

Maybe they just might get the message, or better still go out of business and not be dealt with anymore.

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