Winter Garden, Florida

Construction on new subdivision, complete and total disregard for the people who live in surrounding area, truck noises at 7am, pumps that run at a high pitched hum 24-7, no regard for people who must get up for work the next day, arrogant supervisors who will give you very nasty attitude and won't even try to compromise, sand that covers every inch of your car, home, pool ect. water trucks on site that are never used.

When the ground compactor is use the whole house shakes like an earth quake, every dish, picture, shower door, shower door is shaking. The property that is being developed is in a flood prone zone, water stands on this property ALWAY'S.

I wouldn't built an out house on this land, let alone buy one. ADVISE BUYER BEWARE!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pulte Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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When the community you are refering to is complete, I'm sure the standing water issue's will be resolved. There is extensive engineering and drainage planning that must be approved by local building officials.

Perhaps you should consult with them.

Is your home a trailer??? Maybe you can hook it to the back of your car and move!


You purchased a house in a community under construction. Are you really that dumb or just ignorant? I would make sure every truck drive in front of your home while building on the street.


Wish I knew how you built your home with no equipment. But i guess when you got your home all others should have been stoped. How do you think your home was built.