Eatonton, Georgia
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We bought in Del Webb Lake Oconee in 2009, expecting Del Webb quality construction and Del Webb managerial philosophy. Instead we are stuck with Pulte "cut every corner we possibly can" and "let's treat all home buyers like *** misbehaving little kids".

Pulte conducts everything in secret and then lies to us about their decisions. Their mission is to sell homes as quickly and as cheaply as possible, and they will say anything to pull that off. I can't think of a single promise that has been kept. Whatever you do, do not buy a Pulte home unless you want to live in a poorly constructed house in a community where you need permission to do just about anything outside your 4 poorly constructed walls.

Pulte micromanages everything in the community - we have no say. There are rules for the sake of having rules- and you will be fined if you violate any rule. Pulte can change any rule it wants, whenever it wants and residents get no say. There is no honest communication- we have quarterly HOA meetings where residents are sometimes allowed to ask questions- but none of them ever really get answered. The only reason they bother to hold these meetings is because they need the residents to speak positively to prospective buyers.

Wish I had done my homework two years ago-I could have bought anywhere else and it would have been a better decision.

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nothing said about what was done wrong with construction of home. also why if that bad, still live there and have done nothing to fix problem


It sounds like Pulte is running their home building business like a Ponzi scheme. Is there any State Attorney Generals out there, anywhere, interested in prosecuting?


Our home was built in 1996 by Centex, which is now Pulte. In 2006 Centex came out to fix our dryer vent, which was full of water.

Now 2012, we are having the same problem. Contacted Pulte. They will not fix . Had dryer vent inspected.

Non code material within contruction, and is 65 feet long. Condensation/water/mold/mildew. Both times have caused sinus, respitory problems, ashtma symptoms with 3 family members. If our dryer was done wrong, how many in this complex is wrong.

Home owners insurance will not pay to fix, because they said it was bad installation. All drywall ceiling has to be removed. All vent material has to be removed from ceiling. Dryer vent has to be rerouted.

Been through 2 dryers in less than 10 years.

Never buy a Pulte home. We will NOT be buying another PULTE home!!!


We loved the community at Lake Oconee, but when we received the sales agreement it scared the heck out of us. Pulte holds all the cards and you have absolutely no rights.

It's no wonder they keep lowering their prices and still can't finish the development. The best thing going for the development is the rec center and the closeness to the lake, but otherwise, it's in the sticks and you must drive miles to get groceries.

With the price of gas, forget it. Seniors are now millionaires.


The comments that were anonymously posted by "be careful what you wish for" are very typical of Pulte's attitude. Everyone here understands the need for guidelines to preserve everyone's home value and no one has any problems with those rules.

This past week a number of homeowners got letters from Pulte citing them for violations of the 30+ pages of landscaping guidelines. Most of them have no idea which guideline they are violating- there are no junk cars, no swing sets, no pink houses. Maybe it's that clay pot they have the mums in; maybe it's that hummingbird feeder,who knows, since there are new rules all the time, that no one gets to vote on. Want to have your neighborhood block party in the Club House- sorry, Pulte passed a rule saying no use of the Club house for events unless the entire community can come.

Need to repaint your one year old house the exact same color because Pulte's paint job is so shoddy- file a form and pay $10.00 for permission to paint your house at your own expense. If Pulte is so concerned about preserving the right look- what's with the empty lots with all the weeds and trash; or the lots under construction with piles of debris and empty soda bottles and cigarette packs and fast food wrappers littered around - common sense is definitely missing!


I almost purchased at Lake Oconee a year ago, but their sales agreement gives Pulte all the power and the buyer nothing. They can sell the un-improved lots to any builer they want should the development not build out.

To risky for us. No sale.


When you buy in a community, the exterior does have to be managed otherwise you would have utter chaos. Bubble gum pink houses, swingsets in the front yard, abandoned cars parked in the front yard....

You dont know how good you have it!