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Buyer BEWARE! We searched for years for what we thought would be our last home.

Wanting to downsize from to a one-story we thought Del Webb (Hill Country Retreat - San Antonio) was it since it is a community for active adults 55+ (children are not allowed to live here). Our home was built in 2012 and has already experienced several issues. Too bad they didn't have a sample home to test out and allow us to stay in for a weekend! The sound proofing is HORRIBLE!

You can hear everything going on outside. And the lot we thought was ours (we didn't want a neighbor on top of us due to the closeness of the homes, so we bought a corner lot) wound up being a two house lot even though we were left with the impression it was a one house lot. Our very first night in the home the shower and toilets ALL backed up. That should have been a "pull out" warning sign, but we were ever so hopeful.

We decided to hire a professional home inspector to assess the builder's (and sub-contractor's "final product"). He found numerous issues and some actual violations. Though Pulte did respond and fix some things. They did not fix all.

And some of the repair work was really sloppy and didn't last long. Over time we have developed numerous cracks in our concrete, brick, part of the back porch had to be repaired after falling down, and cracks in the walls are never-ending regardless of how many times we have patched and painted them. The door frames continue to separate. Numerous floor tiles have cracked.

Large pieces of the sidewalk have eroded already. We just had Pulte out a few months ago and had to do some more serious "negotiating" because we were told everything on our list was no longer under warranty. Really? They weren't even taking into consideration how NEW our home is, and these things should not be occurring in a home so new.

Eventually they did agree to fix a few things. But again we are submitting another request for repairs due to yet more floor cracking. And guess what? Our certified letter was RETURNED to us as UNDELIVERABLE!

It is Pulte's division address for warranty requests. The phone number is still in service too, so we have left a message. Let's see if our call is returned, and if they will "make it right" (which seems to have become a motto).

If we could turn back time to 2012, we would have gone somewhere else and definitely with another builder. So much for our "dream home." :/

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Pulte Homes Cons: Cheap construction, Cheap materials used, Not worth the money paid, Not worth the money, Customer service.

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