First time homebuyers looking for our dream home and it's been a nightmare. We picked out our home, but our consultant neglected to have us chose our exterior finishes.

Had to pick our second choice model because we couldn't have the same house on the same street as two other newly constructed models. The Design Center was not helpful. The customer service receptionist who set up your appointments have attitudes and are very rude. Had to make two appointments within a certain timeframe or you can get charged a fee.

When we went to our first appointment, had no choice but to pick out their "standards" which were F grade quality. I wouldn't put my mother in a house with this cheap ***. The carpet was something you would see on a welcome mat outside your front door. We live in an apartment and the countertops, appliances, carpet and blinds are much better grade quality than the poor quality standards they force you to chose.

If you want to upgrade a sink, it will cost you $800.00! Their standards are an embarrassment. I left their center in tears and want to pull out of the deal. This experience has been very depressing and stressful.

No one wants to help or offer other suggestions. They basically want you to back out of the deal.

Spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home, but live like a pauper inside. Very disappointing and disheartening.

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