Miami, Florida
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We moved in Nov 23 and it began the 1st day we moved in....the front door was wide open, the house was a mess, and the cable hadn't been laid. Since then it has been downhill with getting repair work done.

We have had so many repair issues.....the door frames were at at angle, the dry wall bowed, outside columns at an angle, locks put in the wrong way, doors having no seal, door steps caving in, and we still have hot water issues. Their customer service is terrible..they rarely contact you back, never pick up the phone, never follow up. Even the survey i filled in received no response. One thing is for sure, i will never recommend Pulte to anyone and we will buy from another builder in the future.

Someone called Natalie is the email contact at pultedelight but she has no knowledge of homes so we just go round in circles gettign more stressed day by day. My wife is 8 months pregnant and we still can't settle due all the issues.

I understand new homes have issues but our major complaint is that the communication with pulte is terrible....they just don't seem to care and i am still waiting for someone from corporate to apologise. It really makes you question how safe the foundations are with so many issues we have had with the house.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pulte Homes Customer Care.

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