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The Del Web Sun City Shadow Hills complex in Indio continues to have serious administrative and quality control problems. The re-work and repair crews fail to show for appointments or in the latest instance arrive 7 hours early waking us up.

No one seems to be checking or doing follow up on the subs. The new construction homes in process are a sight to behold with the food and construction trash blowing around the area. The workmen appear to intentionally make the biggest mess possible.

Then when they drive through the completed neighborhoods they throw drink containers along the streets and yards. That is a big indicator of the type of work these individuals do on the houses.

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Thanks for leaving your feedback, Dusty. We would love the opportunity to talk with you in more detail about the issues you're experiencing with the crew.

If you would like to send an email to with more information about what's going on and your contact information, we could look into this a but further and hopefully resolve this problem.

Thanks so much.