Cottage Grove, Minnesota
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Bought a Pulte Model Home in Cottage Grove, MN 2007 and in 5 yrs. we have replaced every appliance, need to replace carpet, door knobs, to towel racks and toilet roll holder..etc.

Now I am spending over 11K for a new roof. They used CertainTeed organic shingles that had a class action law suit on them in 2005, same year our house was built - Everyone the 1-2 yrs before this lawsuit came out knew they were bad, along with the defective GE appliances - half a million dollar house and they sold us a piece of ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Pulte Homes House Construction.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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i feel your pain. we got stuck with one of those worthless certainteed roofs too,

tho ours lasted a bit longer. believe me, when it came time to shell out for a new

roof to replace their faulty ***, we went with a reputable company. btw, i do not

for one nanosecond accept that "organic" guff. what they were doing was cutting

corners at the manufacturing plant, pure and simple. remember, it was the height

of the building boom!