Boston, Massachusetts

Being a first time home buyer, I was really excited. Loved the location and look for the Pulte Homes.

Of course, up until you sign the dotted line, the people are helpful and the service is great. After that it all goes down hill. Their service representatives are rude, dishonest, and for every issue/maintenance request you have, they take days and even months to get back to you.

They sure know how to make you hate your home and dreading the decision to ever buy from them.

I would never recommend them to anyone no matter how much you like the home.

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Having the same situation with Libby at Ashwood Pointe, Il. Worst customer experience ever.


dont ever trust BBB


Pulte Homes has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau in most states where they are operating. Unless complaints are filed with the BBB, the rating is misleading.

It speaks volumes about the BBB and not being a reliable source to check on a business. The BBB will blame consumers, claim they didn't know when all they had to do was a simple search.

@Old Boston

We'd wdccfr Dede