Houston, Texas

The management company for Pulte Homes in Richmond Texas is sending out letters to residence of the Rivers Run sub-division, threatening to take action against people who park their vehicle on the street. I have live there for four years, we have five vehicles,all are registered and in working condition, but they all cant fit in my garage or drive way so one is parked on the street.

I just received a letter telling me that I am in violation. I guess that, that whole sub-division is a no parking zone.

For four years, no problem, now I am told that I can't park my vehicle in front of my house. I love the house but I will never recommend PULTE to anyone ever.

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We have the same issue with Pulte in Cary NC, there is no parking anywhere on the street, it is very difficult to manage when we have guests. Pulte cheated us. We never thought there would be such a crazy parking restriction in a country like US where car is the primary mode of transport.


Or.......have no parties, visitors,gatherings,......you know you are only entitled to one car per person...i can only assume the *** who said cars on the street are only in ghettos has never been to west university, the heights or upper kirby and i guess he/she assumes you are black and that was an attempt to get one in. it is clearly not the builders fault, and as long as your vehicles are up to date and in running order the street is public domain and i can drive my car down your street and park in front of any house there. your HOA are the brain surgeons....complain on them.


I think they are right. If you have that many cars, find a bigger home with a bigger garage or don't have so many cars.

That street is not yours alone - you share it with others.

It looks really bad with cars lining the street for long periods of time. I would report you if you were my neighbor!


maybe have no dring age children....no relatives staying or overnight guests...lol...find a bigger house or kill your kids!!!...you are a clown.


Has nothing to do with the builder


I think the Rivers run management was right...you are not supposed to park your vehicle along the street in the first place.somebody might just hit your car esp at night! pfffft!


Look at those comments! Obviously these people have never heard of The Golden Rule.

Unfortunately, that's what you get with private communities, and homeowners' associations. Busybodies without a speck of empathy intent on running other people's lives, making it as difficult for them as they possibly can.


If you want to live the ghetto style, move to a ghetto.


Why would you be mad at Pulte. Your house is 4 years old.

It's the management company, not Pulte you should be mad at. They are certainly not one in the same.


get another house with more garage spaces!