Washington Township, Michigan

I am trying to buy Pulte new construction houses in MI at Macomb Twp over by Hayes and 22 Mile Rd. Anyone have any experience dealing with Pulte in that neighborhood and how their look.

Please anyfeed back is appreciated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pulte Homes House Construction.

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RUN!!! They steal and lie!

Do not build a pulte home. You will regret it


Run Forrest, run, from Pulte construction, aka pukey construction


Do not buy a house built by Pulte Homes in Michigan. The dangers of how they build houses in Michigan are not known to customers and Pulte goes to great lengths to keep problems quiet.

These range from construction quality problems to silent killers they claim don't exist.

You don't have to believe me, but I will warn you that Pulte will make your life a nightmare if you have a problem with their build. Michigan is especially bad...