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Our house was built with a sag in the middle. Our home is elevated as we live In Charleston, SC.

Little attention was paid by the project manager during construction and one of the pillars is too low which caused the whole house to be built with a large sag in the middle. We have been discussing this with them since the second day of living in our home. Initially we were told that it was just a figment of our imagination. We hired a structural engineer who assured us we were not crazy.

This has resulted in 2 1/2 years of "meetings" and house visits. We were told that the house would need to be jacked up . After several months and several jackings, only cracked walls resulted. After continued persisting, we were told that it would take 2 weeks to take the upstairs apart down to the trusses to fix.

We are now at week 11, a worker fell through our kitchen ceiling and still have a long way to go. More damage occurred as the "repairs" we're taking place. We still have the entire lower level of the house to go. I am so discouraged..

This was my first house purchase and I saved for years to make it. Last night a high piece of cement board fell from the side of the house causing even more damage. No one wants to returns calls today.

Go figure.. I may die of old age before this house ever gets fixed properly.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Pulte Homes House Construction.

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Omg I'm horrified... what a nightmare!

I am only glad you posted this so my husband and I can steer clear of using this company. We're in the beginning phase of "building our dream home." I can't even fathom how you feel right now.

You know... If I were you, I would take lots of pictures of damages and perhaps keep a day to day online blog or physical journal of the house repairs and other such going-ons. Something that bothers you today you may forget later on ...

So this way you have concrete evidence which the company cannot ignore.

Keep calling. Keep emailing. Maybe even do the old fashioned way of mailing letters.

Don't give up and don't let them win!

Being as I am, having sacrificed and saved for years I know you worked too damned hard for this. Don't give up!