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I had bought a home from Pulte Homes around December 30, 2014 and there were constantly making mistakes during the mentioned home construction.

The wrong elevation windows were cut out and had to be corrected.

The dishwasher was installed wrong. The dishwasher was installed and pluged into garbage disposal plug outlet instead of another free plug outlet. I had to have another hole made to be able to use the garbage disposal.

The dishwasher was also tampered with and had to be serviced.

There were some small details that needed to be fixed after I had moved in such as a gutter hanger was missing and a rain splash guard was missing.

The construction supervisor Leigh is rude and will make comments outside my home about making repairs.

Cheap materials were used and I had noticed that I have Koller brand sink knobs and a Sterling brand sink in the master bathroom.

The home had also settled and all of the floor trim in the corners had cracked. There was also a few wall corners that had cracked. I had made the repairs towards that settling cracks, so that Leigh, the construction supervisor would not come back to my home again.

I also do not have any sod installed since I had moved in. It was too cold to install the sod. But my next door neighbor had moved in his new home without side walks and a drive way.

If I would ever get a better job in the future, I plan to move.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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