Estero, Florida
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I am scheduled to close on my new Pulte home. After reading this I think I need a home inspection before I close. I have already found that everything needs to be in writing or they will lie to you.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Were in 'The Place,' and dealing with a huge list of things that need to be fixed.


Agree with most comments below. We recently moved into our Corkscrew Shores home.

The house is well built, and we enjoy the community, but the sales associates will do anything for a sale. We had a male by the initials M.P. (I won't write his full name, but if you deal with someone with these initials, ask for someone else. He's unprofessional and I wouldn't trust a word he says.) They are dishonest, withhold information and promise you whatever you want just to sell the house.

Luckily we had a real-estate agent and a lawyer. I would recommend both. Houses are good, we too had a laundry list of items, but they were repaired within two months of moving in.

Sales staff are horrible and can't be trusted. I would buy a pre-built unit here and save yourself the headaches, money, and giving your commission to any of these people.


I purchased a home at Corkscrew Shores and yes the punch list was long but, I must say immediately Pulte send everyone out to fix even the smallest of things. I would have preferred nothing wrong but hey construction in Florida is not the best.

I can tell you this though I'm really happy here and it is a beautiful community. Despite two days of people in and out for repairs I love it here. Also all repairs done right away so I have another 11 months for anything else that may go wrong!

All in all I'm glad I'm here, clubhouse amazing lake unbelievable and when I don't want to cook the food at clubhouse is delious, better than where my sister lives, the Grandezza. DP


We are looking to buy at corkscrew shores. After reading this site.

I am reluctant.

we have lots to consider. Any suggestions?


Don't Buy!!!!


Pluto and the "sales" staff only lie when their lips move. I wouldn't trust one person as far as I could throw them. Get everything in writing.


Just bought in Camden Lakes in Naples. HORRIFIC experience.

They outright lied to us from beginning to end. The house seems well built, but the finishes are terrible. They are the WORST company I've ever dealt with. They're uncooperative, tell you "No" about everything every step of the way, try to fore you into their corporate model, and worst, they lie about what you can and can't do on your lot.

We were told we could have a fence. When we went to build the fence, they told us fences aren't allowed.

Pulte sucks. Worst.

Company. Ever.


We are loving a home in Camden Lakes and would like to buy. We like the environment; however, when we review the reviews of Pulte, we have become doubtful and would like to ask you to please let us know what you have learned of other member in the community.


I agree, I wish I had read this first. I am buying at Corkscrew Shores, Estero.

They lie, pressure you and build a poor house. pulte is the worst.


Are you moved in ? Any problems after?


Yes! Do have a licensed home inspection done.

We did. They are reasonably priced. And anything on there Pulte must fix within the one year mark. Pulte was very interested to get a copy of the report and photos taken.

However, some things they will not fix.

It happened to us. Good luck.