Holly Springs, Georgia
Not resolved

The soffit under my front porch roof is rotting out, and my Pulte home, in Georgia, is only SIX YEARS old!

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Rotted fascia or soffit in 6 years means not enough homeowner maint. done.

Sorry but either did not clean gutters out or pressure wash and paint house. Recommendations for every home with hardi material is pressure wash house every year and re paint every 3-5 years.

Also check for leaks in attic/roof. This would not be a builder issue.


Sun City Hilton Head

Moved in three weeks ago

Five visits to repair refrigerator

Six visits to fix AC

Doors not hung properly

Yard not draining properly Now sink not draining!! Called corporate office and nothing they can do because no one is in the office for the weekend.

Incredible! Totally Incredible!!