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My wife and I moved into a brand new pulte home we thought new was the way to go from the first day the problems started the cabinets Are *** they were falling apart the island in the kitchen started to strip around the edges the toilets were loose from the floor they told us the walls were insulated bull you can drop a piece of cotton in the next room and hear it the lanolin in the kitchen it's pealing from the walls and island.there is a large crack in floor of garage, frame of door bent. Refrigerator hd to be replaced day after we moved in also the dryer thermostat was broken.

Numerous problems, headaches for a new build. Cheap materials used wobble in base if island faucet handles fall of kitchen sprayer split.window brackets broke, vents let in bugs & cold air.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Homes are man built, not mass produced in a factory by machine over and over again. Things happen and they happen to different parts and pieces and that is why there is a warranty on most things you purchase. Homes are no different then most anything you buy with a warranty but your homes has over 2000 parts and pieces to it.