Irving, Illinois
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Ok... Building in Fishers, IN.

The Haven. Starting to have issues with the field construction manager and sales consultant. They are back peddling on a option that "was not" fully explained to us back in July. It has to do with a fireplace which we are paying over 4,000 for.

They said they would make it right! Not happening now and our closing date is getting close, few weeks. I'm wondering if I should contact our Real Estae Lawyer to see what can be done to get this right! Big money being paid for someone's mistake and now to make it

Right for us at such lil cost to them.

Future Buyers Beware! Anyone out there in Fishers at The Haven have had any issues?

Let us know so we don't go any further in this buying process, we still don't have as much to loose if we stop now! Thanks anyone and everyone!

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