Richmond, Virginia
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We entered into a contract with Centex Homes in October, Pulte Homes purchased Centex homes. We were told They would not start our home unless we removed the contingency to sell our home even though we had a ratified contract saying they would start our home and we would have until 60 days prior to closing to remove the contingency.

They recognize the fact that we have the contract and say if we choose to pursue them legally they will take 2 years to build our home. Which is a little "fail safe" for them in their contracts. In the end, they said we could release them from the contract and they would give us our full deposit back... But they were definitely not going to start our house.

We had a closing date of April 22, 2010 to move into our dream house. Now we are stuck searching for a place to live...

Product or Service Mentioned: Pulte Homes House Construction.

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Most messed up dishonest group of people ever. Evil employees that must have been bullied so bad in high school.

Can't build and can't sell a house because all they worry about is hard helmets and trash on site....Really! Lets focus on selling homes. Should all be sued for collusion.

Rotten apples. Pulte need to go DOWN.


DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BUY A HOME FROM THEM! 8 hours of no heat and it is 14 deg.\'s out side.

3 phones calls and same answer(someone will call you). It is after 6pm on a Friday night and you know know one is coming now.

I just had to pay cash to a stranger to fix my heat so my daughter wouldn\'t freeze to death. Could not just leave as we have pets and was afraid of all my new appliances freezing up solid!


You dodged a bullet on this one. Pulte Homes suck -- endless problems. Find a better builder and live happy.