Okatie, South Carolina
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These photos are of a house with defective stucco at Sun City Hilton Head, SC. It is one example of the widespread defective stucco problem at SCHH that has resulted in a class action and numerous individual lawsuits.

In many cases the defective stucco only became apparent years after the houses were built.

The lawsuits claim that the stucco was not mixed according to manufacturer instructions (too much water, not enough cement, etc.) and was applied incorrectly (lack of control joints, blocked or non-existent weep holes, etc.). Google "Sun City Hilton Head SC stucco lawsuits" for further information.

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April 2016. Visual inspection by certified home inspection reveals stucco & vertical control joint problem.

Pulte no longer fixing problem as case is in court. Where can I find inspector for this and also slab moisture problem, as previous inspector away for summer?


What is the status of this lawsuit. We were interested in Del Webb communities but not if this type of construction is inherent in it's building models across the US along with their dodge and delay tactics of customer relations.



We moved from SC in late 2011. I don't know what the status of the lawsuit is.

I agree with you.

Even if a builder fixes the problem(s), who wants to go through the hassle(s) of getting them fixed? We rent now.