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These photos show the shoddy roof construction at my former Pulte-built house at Sun City Hilton Head, SC.

When the roofers doing the repair arrived, one said "another valley" as he got out of the truck. Turns out that one of Pulte's roofers, that installed the original roof on my house, and scores of other houses, overlapped the shingles between a large section of the roof and a small section in the wrong direction. The roofer that did the repair also pointed out numerous nails that Pulte's original roofer drove in the valley between the two roof sections. They said that nails shouldn't be driven within one foot of the bottom of the valley where the two sections join. The roofer that did the repair installed a rubber membrane in the valley between these two sections, something that was lacking in the original roof construction. It was only after fixing scores of leaking roofs that Pulte realized that one of its roofers was building the roofs incorrectly. Where was Pulte when these original roofs were being built? Where was Pulte's quality control? Answer: there was none.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pulte Homes House Construction.

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You are not alone. Many homeowners complained about leaking roofs, since re-roofing in 2012.

To be precise 1/3 in OUR SMALL NEIGHBORHOOD COMMUNITY had some damage. NO HELP IN SIGHT!