Georgetown, Texas
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We closed house in SunCity TX, 3/2/2013. Today is 5/9/2013 and the house is still in disarray due to poor installation of drywall.

The entire great room, D/R and kitchen ceiling had to be redone. Yesterday a painter repainted the ceiling and the walls. Both bathroom walls had to be redone also. 8 wall problems plus the ceiling were replace.

Now we can see that the living room wall was NOT repaired properly.

There is the same bowed line down the wall. The dry wall supervisors here are completely useless. They never even came when the house was being built. Now that they were here, it still is not right.

Another crew was supposed to be here

this morning between 8-12, but it is now past 12 and no one has showed up. We live in 2 rooms only because all the furniture is crammed into any free space. Everything is covered with drywall dust. Who is going to clean this mess.

What about my furniture? Plastic covered everything, but the dust just permeates everything. There is basically no supervision on this property at all. Shame on Pulte.

We had a home built in AZ by Pulte. The quality and treatment was entirely different.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pulte Homes House Construction.

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