Helotes, Texas

Purchased home in November 2003. It was a 14 month old resale from a transferred owner.

7 months later roof started leaking because Pulte seals with Silicone not roofing tar kinowing full well it won't hold up as a roof should. Constant water leaks and breaks in main water line to house started at the same time due to poly pipes. I will never buy another Pulte home. No satisfaction ever from Pulte.

My only recourse and consolation has been the nearly 2 dozen prospective homeowners I have talked into staying away from, and not purchasing a Pulte home, and I intend to continue doing so.

To Pulte, do the math -- you've lost a lot of money, and I'm smiling. It is my life's goal now to see Pulte go out of business.

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You and many other people have made me rethinking about Pulte. I would go with another builder thank risk my money.


It seems all these builders are doing mediocre work. How can one trust to build well?


Who can one trust? They all seem to cut corners and cross their fingers hoping no one will complain to the media.


i just purchased a home in Alamo Ranch in San Antonio texas. I thought i did my homework looking at different builders.

It hasnt started to be built yet.

I m dissapointed in what i see here. Maybe its not too late to back off the contract :?

@oh boy

Did you back out? I want to also. They have not started yet.