Austin, Texas

my pulte home is built 2007 so far cracks in walls, tiles are also cracked, ac unit out this summer

now i have no heat.There should be a class action lawsuit on the poor work they due.

My house is in Summerlyn Leander TX please dont buy in this area you will be sorry.

My neigbors have the same problem with there homes ac not working and cracks in walls and floor

Pulte warranty is no good they dont call or they give you the runnaround if this dont get fixed than

i will get my neigbors to fille a lawsuit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pulte Homes House Construction.

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Hate to tell you,its not just there.I live in Fort Worth. We had our home built almost 6 years ago.Kitchen cabinets fell off the wall,guttering outside fell down,all of the tile in master bath,hall bath,laundry room and kitchen cracked and popped up.bad seams in drywall,plumbing leaks,bad cracks in walls,nail pops everywhere and I get to pay for this fun filled messs for 30 years if its still standing which I have my doubts.Contacted a lawyer who said Pulte puts in contracts everything goes to arbitrator which costs thousands.I dont have that kind of money.Pulte knows this.How they are still around I dont know.A friend of mine had a pulte home in Colorado and said it was junk,and people I know in Maryland said their junk there! Good luck your gonna need it:(


I too live in Summerlyn in Leander. I am having the same problems with my house and I would like to talk to you.

They have done some major work in my house and I am still having the same problems.


The reason everything is not done right is because Pulte subcontracts to the cheapest bidding contractor. The contractors than subcontract to other non-licensed handy man to do work under the contractor's license.

Everyone takes a cut and the non licensed person does the work. Since Pulte is a large company and has influence with city officials over looking code violations.

Than of course Pulte takes the largest cut. It's sad, but it's true!!