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Update by user Dec 22, 2013

Pulte pressured Whirlpool to buy back this range, restoring our financial loss, and scrapping the range. We replaced it with a Kenmore gas range, item 74333, that has no similar problems.

Baking at 400 degrees, the Kenmore range has a cool oven door, handles, and broiler door (which is not really a broiler, but a storage drawer on the Kenmore).

The panel surfaces at the top of the range only reach a warm temperature when the oven is in use, and the top surface has a continuous grill to protect users from the possibility of touching a hot top surface. In clarification of the below comment that the Pulte/Whirlpool range sold was not self-cleaning, that is about our assumption that one possible reason for the hot surfaces of the Whirlpool range was that being a "standard" cleaning oven, it probably was not built to the same standards, hence with poor thermal breaks to protect users.

Update by user Nov 11, 2013

The photo attached shows an LCD screen thermometer on my Whirlpool WFG114SWB1 cooktop measuring in excess of 150 degrees fahrenheit before I had to remove the thermometer from the cooktop - because it was beginning to melt!!! This was after running the oven for only about 20 minutes, and NONE OF THE EXTERIOR SURFACES WERE SAFE TO TOUCH.

Pulte Homes sold me this appliance and will not take it back or take any responsibility for it being a safety hazard, despite warnings and evidence that it is so.

Original review posted by user Nov 11, 2013

My Pulte home came with a "free" baseline electric Whirlpool kitchen appliance package, with multiple options to upgrade the appliance line as long as it was electric. Only one problem - I wanted a gas range. Gas stub out - extra. Ok, no problem so far, just nickel and diming the customer. Gas range in the "free" appliance package - only one option offered, and it will cost $500. Where is the risk? I am not an appliance snob. As long as it works and matches the other appliances, that sounds acceptable. Pulte offers what sounds like a great warranty coverage with their homes, and the appliances are covered by warranty just like buying them anywhere else...right?

The problem is that nowhere is it disclosed to Pulte's customers that the range offered is NOT a self-cleaning oven, is poorly insulated, and has poor thermal breaks. It has another common problem that contributes to its hazard - it vents oven heat to the cooktop, which I am finding out now that 2 Whirlpool service calls have been made, has NO UPPER LIMIT to its temperature per mfr's specs. Per the second service employee inspecting the oven on behalf of Whirlpool warranty, the cooktop will get "AS HOT AS THE OVEN"! Can you imagine the top surface of your stove reaching 350-400 degrees?! Well, it can happen with this oven. In addition, Whirlpool thinks it is acceptable for their specs on this oven to allow the broiler door and front panel to reach 152 degrees, the glass door to reach 170 degrees, and the plastic knobs 182 degrees fahrenheit and still be "in spec". None of this is disclosed prior to "contract" with Pulte, and afterward, Pulte only claims that no mention of concern was brought up by the (unsuspecting) customer, and it is not their problem. Pulte accepts no accountability for selling a hazardous appliance to their customers - and the only option!!! If I were a Pulte family and business member, I would want to be certain the company wasn't installing cheap, burn hazards in Pulte homes.

Pulte is selling the Whirlpool WFG114SWB1 gas range as its only option to customers, and taking no responsibility at all in response to complaints that it burns its customers that have been misled into purchasing one with their promises of warranty coverage, etc. DO NOT BUY THIS RANGE OR ANY OTHER APPLIANCE FROM PULTE!!!! You will get endless evasion run-around and excuses from both Pulte and Whirlpool! Pulte does not care about the safety of its customers. They only care about selling houses and taking your money as fast as they can. Buy your appliances from a retailer with a customer satisfaction program and and established reputation for honoring it!!!

Don't bother contacting the regional reps either. They won't even bother to respond to you. I have tried Jacque Petroulakis, and Wade Messenger. They are watching their warranty agent Lori Melchior respond to email complaints with consistent disregard and double-talk about concern and responsibility - as long as the issue falls strictly under the Builders Limited Warranty - which does not include appliances. In other words, Pulte feels legally protected from doing the right thing by their customers' legitimate concerns about safety and burn hazards, and will not do the right thing unless they are taken to court to argue about whether or not they are knowingly putting their customers at risk by selling hazardous appliances.

If you buy ANYTHING through Pulte instead of a typical retailer, Pulte will take your money and run, without regard for anything but themselves. Don't do it unless you want to be part of a class action suit.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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This is a whirlpool issue, not a Pulte issue. Pulte did not manufacure that product. How is this their fault?


you effin ***, a stove gets hot, if it didnt it would be called a fridge

@filthy macnasty

filthy macnasty, this is not a wood burning stove that would be expected to become a burn hazard when in use. I've never had a gas oven/range that was such a hazard, and never owned a high end appliance either.

I replaced with a Kenmore gas range that has no similar problems.

I'm not sure what your purpose is on this web site, or in life, but your user name is indicative of the same type of useless and hostile sarcasm as your commentary. Good luck with that.