Lookout Mountain, Tennessee
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My husband and I have done our homework and searched for the perfect floor plan and community to downsize from our current home. We met with the same sales counselor several times at the new development, Woodview Court, located in Woodstock, Georgia. We chose our floor plan, the Martin Ray, with all of the options that we wanted. We chose two lots that we were interested in, one of which had not been released yet. We ALWAYS included two of the most important features in every configuration (at least 4) A sunroom and 4 foot garage extension of the garage with permanent stairs to attic storage.

We put an offer in on the lot that had not been released, lot 170, yet with a back up plan of going to lot 174. We wrote a check for the $7500 earnest money and left the office feeling excited that we had found the perfect home for us.

During this time, we also had a contract on our current home that was expiring the same day that we put the offer in on the Pulte Home. We had signed the contract and were preparing to FAX it over to the agent when the call came from our Pulte sales counselor stating that the home we had wanted could NOT be built on the lots we were interested in. We could have one option or the other but not both! There are actually only a few lots that can include both of these options out of the 65 lots and only two are currently available. These two are not lots that we were interested in. There were mistakes made by the sales consultant and the master plan as, apparently, there was major confusion from the very beginning.

We were devastated by the news of this huge mistake and, of course, pulled our offer. The sales counselor then emailed a few configurations that we might want to consider. We had a price point that we worked from on our first configuration that we were sticking to but she came back with one option that could possibly work. Of course, it was more expensive

And she took out the upgraded hardwood floors to make the price closer to our target price.

We put in another offer with the more expensive option to accommodate our original desire to have permanent attic stairs sticking to our original price point, as we felt it was a Pulte mistake and they should honor it. We also made it clear that if the offer was not accepted, we were walking. There was to be no counter by Pulte. It was basically a yes or no decision on their part.

The contract on our current home was extended 24 hours to accommodate the latest and final offer we were making. I received a voice mail and an email asking that my husband and I come to the sales office to hear Pulte's decision. We took this as good news. Why would they have us come in to tell us no? This could have been done over the phone. On my way to the office, the sales counselor calls me and tells me they have countered!! I am minutes from the office and she wants to tell me over the phone so I don't have to come in! I go anyway to pick up the earnest money check. The biggest insult to injury comes at the very end. The counter is $5000 off which is the option incentive we would have received any way. The reasoning was that they are PLANNING on increasing lot premiums in the future and we were getting that break as well! We also lost the contract on the sale of our home due to the major screw up of Pulte and their sales counselor.

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Also, good to note that because of this major screw up, Pulte reviewed their master plan so that they were clear with what homes with what upgrades would fit on which lots. They wanted to make sure that all of their different plans agreed with one another.

They didn't want what happened to us happen to anyone else!

Glad we could help future prospective buyers! Buyer beware!