Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Pulte came in to my town home in the middle of June for our one year inspection. We were promised all of the work to be done in two weeks in one day.

Only half of the contractors were able to do their work that day, and of those two only one completed their job. The foreman's response was "It is a one time deal, we won't come back."

Two nail pops were not fixed properly, the kitchen counter-tops were never even addressed (They were pulling away from the wall) and other problems were noticable.

The home office for the east coast and I have been playing phone tag for two weeks now, and the painters have to come in this weekend!

Pulte home are built just OK, but their warranty is HORRIBLE! Not to mention Richard the foreman, who in his imagination is a 'spin-doctor'.

Monetary Loss: $225.

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I bought a Pulte home in 2013 constructed in 2012. There were many problems throughout the construction process.

Beginning with the foundation being cracked 4 feet down to the entrance of the garage. I could move the wall with my foot when I pushed on it. The super told me they would pull out the section and ad rebar then pour a new section of concrete. When I returned to inspect it I found that they framed over the broken concrete and patched the crack.

I insisted they fix it right, So they had to rip down the wall they framed over it and they broke out the concrete and repaired it the right way while I watched. At this point I was seriously thinking about backing out of the contract.

Next the framing was done poorly and the subflooring was put down without adhesive between the plywood and floor joists. So now my floors squeak and shake.

My furnace was installed in the wrong area of the basement and had to be reinstalled. My roof leaked because of a vent not properly sealed, This caused damage to the drywall in my master bedroom.

Last week I had Pulte contractors in my house to do my first year warranty work.

They repaired wall cracks nail pops aligned doors and screwed the subflooring down.

They repainted the areas they repaired. Almost every crack they "repaired" is cracked again.

I complained to the Super Joe and I was told "It's company policy we only fix it one time." It's not fixed if it cracks in one week.


I bought a Pulte home in Buckeye, AZ I'm getting worried because my house has some many cracks throught the entire home, ceiling and walls. My garage has a crack through the entire ceiling and it goes all the way through the outside and the stucco is also cracked.

Pulte has not contacted me for my one year home inspection nor by email/phone/mail. Does anyone know where I can call to have them come in for the inspection ASAP before the warranty is up?

PLEASE HELP!! BAsed on everyone else's story on here I'm afraid they are going to say my warranty is expiried and not even inspect my home!


I have looked at the homes in Baynard Park, Bluffton, SC. Any responses would be helpful regading Pulte Reputation in this area.


Pulte did the same thing to me in Denver, Colorado. Poor roof construction resulted in water coming in through the top of the window.

This is a structural integrity issue and they tried to blame the window guy...the window itself was NOT leaking!!!

They denied my warranty claim. These people are HORRIBLE...DO NOT BUY PULTE HOMES, OR PAY FOR IT LATER; YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


I'm currently considering SA Del Webb and a

new home purchase but these postings really concern me: HOA controlled by Pulte?

Warranty failures? Shoddy construction?

How would you respond to this????????