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After purchasing a future home from Pulte Del Webb Builders, I was initially approved for a mortgage from who else - Pulte Mortgage.

Several months later, I lost my job and notified Pulte Mortgage. They sent me a mortgage denial letter.

I have been attempting to get a deposit refund of $41,000 to no avail - even with my attorney's assistance. They are willing to cancel my contract but will not return a dollar. The house is not scheduled to be built until April 2008. Stay away from Pulte Builders - bad news all around. I would never sign a contract with this builder again. They have more than enough time to re-sell the lot to another buyer before April 2008. What a racket they have.

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I would recommend buying a Pulte Home if you want to ruin your life and your health. They lie, cheat, steal and will make up stories to convince homeowners they are helping them.

There are not enough words to tell you how destructive they can be to you. If you are married, better prepare for divorce. Get a good physician because you will need one, once you start dealing with them. Buying a Pulte Home has been the worst decision I have every made in my life.

Forget about complaining to anyone with the company or local and state authorities. You will only have one option, sell the home and move as soon as you can. Walk away if you have already made a down payment.

Take the loss, it will be worth it. I hope this helps someone.


Yes. Correct on all.

I'm too tired and sick to go through it all. They are EVIL.


Thanks for that warning, I was this close - from signing a contract until I read all the good stuff above. My last home was built by a small contractor with 10 grand down, and he did a super job, no way will I build or buy from Pulte.


I hear you Pulte built under code homes in michigan I worked on a few of them what an entire mess the company and the building inspectors for the county should all be fired. yet people rush to hire pulte and rush to hire the big names while us smaller guys who bend over backwards and educate and help our customers get these kind of remarks. " So how do I know you won't dissappear once I give you a deposit?" Like we're some kind of destitute desperate people who would risk a ten year felony for ten grand lololol yep I've been telling people since 1990 how rotten pulte is but people still keep groveling to the big name companies and ignore us who give you your money' worth and stand behind what we do and build with personal committment that goes far beyond anything you will ever get from the big names.

@Victor gibson

Yep!! Texas here!!

They are sorry! from top to bottom. The supervising construction mgrs, never on site, lie ,promise...Our home is a disaster. Won't let them in anymore.



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