Southfield, Michigan
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There have been various issues with my Pulte money-pit. When I first bought my house 5 years ago, during the walk through I had to fight for them to fix siding which was cracked and warped.

As other people have stated, my windows have condensation buildup, especially in the bathroom. As others again, the whole house is drafty where we require blankets to just to sit around. Even with additional caulking and weatherstripping the heat just goes from my house. Then when the window breaks there is no one to fix the problem, no number to call, no one calls back from the construction number they provided.

I have a bad garage door where water settles in my garage if it rains or I turn my sprinklers on, again they could not fix the garage door thought it was a problem I stated on the walk through. Last winter, I had SNOW in my attic. A section of outside wall had a huge hole and icing formed leaving water spots throughout my ceiling.

As stated by others, I will NEVER buy another Pulte home and will tell others NEVER to buy Pulte since the quality is not up to standard.

If I knew about all of the problems Pulte had before I bought this house, I would have definitely ran away. This is a poor company no matter what anyone says, I am ashamed to live here and even more ashamed I have to raise a child in this house.

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I would love to hear any comments---pro or ***---about the quality of the homes at Alegria in New Mexico. Any residents of the community are especially invited to share any thoughts as I am thinking of maybe buying there.

However, after reading the MANY negative thoughts about Pulte, I am having second thoughts.

Please reply with any input. Thanks!