San Antonio, Texas
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recently informed parent's at Del Webb HCR San Antonio in the Springs section have to relocate due to foundation issues after a very limited time in new construction. During conversion told not an isolated issue, other residents moving to either hotel or a new unoccupied residence until repairs can be fixed.

Others, mostly widows, almost in tears mentioned same issues but afraid to complain or do not have funds for legal representation. At the main building told by a resident of over 6 years count for similar issues is over 75 that they are aware of.

Called country but there are not building inspectors and it is buyer beware.

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It's definitely buyer beware!

The PULTE sales reps at San Antonio's Hill Country Retreat put on a good show. The nightmares start at the time of construction.

We had a cut joist, forgotten wall, kitchen leaks.

Crooked door frame, door locks didn't work, AC vents crushed, insufficient insulation, cracked tile and the list goes on. Pulte is a bad joke!!

These people should be prosecuted!!!