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This house is in Summerville, South Carolina, Del Webb Charleston. Since we've moved in we've had nothing but trouble.

I already had my dream home in the next town, but what drew me here was the marketing (the Resort). Nothing had been built yet so I took them at their word. First off the promised move in date was November, 2007 but wasn't completed until January. Our house already sold so we were forced to move into an apartment and put our things in storage.

We were never shown a model of the house and when I went for the walk through I was shocked at how small it was. When we first came to look, it was high pressure and they wanted a check for the construction deposit within 2 weeks (which we gave them). Anyway the house is literally falling apart, the irrigation system caused a lot of flooding which is causing the yard to sink. None of the doors open or close properly, the cabinets are laminate and are peeling, the linoleum is buckling, it's a nightmare.

Every time I try to complain to someone, they tell me to call the warranty department (knowing full well it only covers the first year). This whole thing has taken a toll on my husband and I. He and I are disabled and are getting worse. The house has a mold problem.

The list goes on and on. I made a mistake, but why should I have to pay for it for the rest of my life. Our HOA dues are $235.00 per month and keep going up, just to use the amenity center which is a joke. Please we need help.

Richard and Mary Call, 135 Sea Lavender Lane, Summerville, South Carolina 29484.

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