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Do the powers that be at Pulte READ these comments, or are they ignored as written by rude, complainers? We are Not rude, nor into complaining for no reason.

We have decided to "go with the flow" of reasons given to us why we can't do this, can't change that, can't add something, even totally at our expense.

The reply is often that any changes that headquarters has not deemed okay,or even thought of, are absolutely forbidden, even Small items like don't cut large sink holes in bathroom granite, because we would (after closing) like to put in those pretty glass bowl countertop sinks that only need a very small opening (1-2 inches) for drain pipe. They are impossible to put in once the counter is put in with the usual oval wash bowl. Boring.                                                                                         Pulte hinders a purchaser from having even small improvements, that make a big difference in Style, and enjoyment of the home. It is hinted that the crew wouldn't understand any changes, as if they can't read, or be flexible on the "assembly line".

And yes, the "décor center" was such a disappointment. We felt numb with disappointment after being told repeatedly by the clerk,    " oh, that has been discontinued."     what?        Tiles, cabinets, etc on their walls, and on display there were Mostly discontinued. BUT still in place. ? We learned the décor center had been in place with same stuff for about 10 years! We wanted to see floor tiles that look like wood, and were looking forward to possibly including in our choices. But the pitiful sample must have been very old and was most unattractive only available (from them) in a very dark almost black. NOT what we had seen in large home improvement stores.      A retail store like this would be out of business very quickly!    But they have you ,   the buyer Has to go with them.

So we dug through what was left available to pick from, and reluctantly put together the best of the worst we could find, to go together in some sort of blending way.

And then the topper to this stressful appointment was learning that this old out of date showroom was to be torn out and replaced within the next couple months. Which would mean too late for us to return and pick from the New and Improved showroom. They use HD, a company created for builders to send buyers to. I also blame HD for this shabby example of a selection "showroom". On their website all looks fabulous, with shining latest products, and actual trained people to help. This HD corporation (and Pulte) are both responsible, they claim that there will be No changes to selection samples after the total re-decorating of this store showroom. Does that sound believable? After many years, there are no updated, desireable tiles,carpeting,wood added? does that make any sense at all? They had wanted all of us customers  at this time to get into the center quickly before it was stripped, to pick from what feels like the Leftovers. This experience so took the "glow, fun" out of such a huge endeavor couples enter into in their lives.                                        The second phase of the neighborhood starts soon, we are in phase one. We strongly feel forgotten, and that their interest is of course pleasing purchasers  in the phase 2 homes.

We couldn't hide our disappointment to our Pulte sales representatives, whom we actually like. It appeared as if his hands are tied. But who knows, we were not allowed to express , discuss any of this with his superiors ourselves.

There were other preference choices, issues along the way, but I'm not up to going into those.

If after the new phase of houses going up have Much better, Up-to-date décor selections, we will feel duped, and continually having to try to convince ourselves to be proud of what we had to come up with from the lower level  OLD showroom. Forced to pay large upgrade prices because the basic was pitiful, they have that figured out. But even with $$ in upgrades the choices would not be considered top quality, or design in a real decorator center. They hold the cards in what we can do to make OUR new HOME pleasing, so in a way we have given up being enthusiastic .

My husband and I Do somewhat understand Pulte's need to be rigid, and inflexible with any changes, (they keep pointing out that they are Not a custom home builder) but they go too far when the customer can not pick the wall paint color, told we'll have to paint what We Want after closing. Their basic choice is  white, Or for $3,000 more you can pick   off- white or light yellowy white. ugly. A joke.......... but not funny.

Why are we continuing with Pulte, you ask. The answer would be because there are things about the house, (up cost) lot, that we like, of course! But why fight us with simple not complex requests, we would Pay for (like wall paint we actually like!), and other small touches that need to done at time of construction, not at huge expense to us, after market.

I hesitate to post this, not knowing possible repercusions, regrets.

that's all............

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Totally the same experience. The model is made from a design center you have NO access too.

They don't tell you this when you put your money down of course. It is all a BAD surprise when you go to the design center. Classic bait and switch. We were well aware we would have to pay for upgrades but their idea of upgrades are for example...level one ceramic tile, level two ugly porcelain tile, level three slight less ugly porcelain tile, level four decent porcelain tile and level five a porcelain tile you would find at home depot for $1.99 a sq foot (but now you are paying 15.00 a sq foot for it).

To get a decent engineered hardwood expect to pay 19.00 a sq ft or more. Prices were based on if something is actually decent to look at it was sky high. They are taking advantage of their homeowners and think they are too *** to notice the bait and switch with the models.

They say it's discontinued if you like something on the model. Beware.


I am having the same experience. I could not have expressed it better.