Southfield, Michigan

I moved into my home in 2006. I immediately recognized many issues with the home that were not completed when addressed in the final construction walk through.

Most importantly is that my main floor was not level. Pulte repeatedly tried to make excuses claiming the issue was normal. After long dispute and making complaints with the state of Michigan, the issue was addressed, however, not after many wrong attempts at correcting the problem. Basement stanchions were cut(wrong), subfloor additions(wrong), finally removing more than 10 sq.

feet of all portions of the floor and subfloor exposing the first floor to the basement.

This issue, amongst others throughout the home caused extreme depreciated value to the home and possible lack of interest in the sale of the home all together due to state violations of my home due to pultes poor craftsmanship, and registered construction defaults to the home address. Don't ever buy Pulte!!!!

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