Franklin, Tennessee

Purchased a home from Pulte and I can't say enough good about it. From the time we first visited the model everyone was great to work with.

We had a lot of great choices to personalize the home and the layout of the house was better than anything else out there. After we moved in there was a door that need adjusting and they came right out and corrected it.

Our neighbors are awesome and they love their homes and they experience with any warranty requests too. We know nothing is perfect and are confident the company stands behind the warranty which seems to be one of the better ones out there among builders.

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Yup or someone on crack if they are promoting *** *** PULTE


Pulte hires third party firms to place good comments about it's homes out here on the internets. This is obviously one of those comments, who would take the time to say "I Love My House" on a "pissedconsumer" website.


seems this may be a planted comment -