Ripley, Tennessee

Roof shingles blew off three times, sewage backed up into toilets tub/shower, garage door not track properly, lights in shower cans go out because insulation packed wrong in attic, poor water pressure, front door hinge screws very short, hardwood flooring had uneven butt joints causing tripping, finish caulk and mortar missing both inside & out, rain gutter has sitting water not sloped for proper draining, air conditioning not working due to poor electrical install, carpet noise squeaks due to padding issue, roof nail pop ups repaired twice, soffit trim corrected, exterior trim paint peels off with hose water, ceiling Sheetrock joints uneven, sinkhole in front yard, master shower door would not open without lifting up while stepping into shower. toe molding not attached to the floor at door entry's, metal exterior garage fascia dented at install, sod in backyard regraded due to sod slide with rain, guest bath door won't stay open, no blower in fireplace heater, radon testing never done, kitchen sink cabinets not anchored to wall. Crown molding has gaps, paid $2000.00 to remove dead large tree builder left on property

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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