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We had Pulte homes build our home several years ago,the biggest mistake of our lives! Our kitchen cabinets have fallen off the walls,our guttering has fallen down and all the tile throughout the home is popping up because they didnt use enough adhesive/glue to put it down correctly.

We had two engineers come out and said that was the problem,told Pulte this,they just said' Well thats just the engineers opinion!" How *** is that? Yes an opinion they went to many years of collage for.They just dont want to be human and fix it.We were going to sue them but they've really covered their sorry butts and it can only go through an arbitrator which can cost thousands.Pulte knows most people cant afford this. I feel like Shelly Long in 'Money pit". After we had moved in we heard from alot of people how Pulte has a horrible name and builds ***!

Well I wish you all would have told me sooner,and saved a huge headache! Dont walk,RUN FROM PULTE or make the biggest,costliest mistake of your life.They build junk!!!!

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We are having the same difficulties with this arrogant builder! There are over 70 homeowners with serious problems in the Fairhaven subdivision in Schertz, TX.

Cracked foundations, horizontally split foundations, homes sliding downhill and tilted at angles ---- all within normal limits according to Pulte. The city refuses to help - even though this builder is licensed in Schertz. Pulte says that customer service is their main priority -- what a joke.

Don't be fooled - BUYER BEWARE - bad builder, bad behavior. SHAME ON PULTE.

to Fairness for Fairhaven NOW Leesburg, Virginia, United States #592825

I was looking for an extra cabinet for our cabinet and came across these comments. Wow. I'm sorry you all had these problems. I moved into our Pulte home 3 years ago, but all the options were already picked out and the person who tried to buy the house before us, their contract fell through. We haven't had any issues with our home and it was brand spanking new when we moved in. I am lucky to say, no complaints and I haven't heard any complaints from our neighbors either. You all must have had some really crappy contractors working with Pulte.

Back in 2004 I had a house built by Richmond American homes. To be honest when you have any builder, you have to be on top of the game and visit your construction sight every weekend. We constantly got on them if we saw anything and we made sure they fixed it. (uneven wall, pantry not put on right. When you pay good money for a home, they better make *** sure you got your money's worth.) Honestly, we got pretty lucky with that home because our neighbor who lived across the street had the exact same model we purchased and he had so many problems. We had NONE. He thought Richmond American homes were the biggest pieces of $%*&. I heard the same from friends who bought from our reputable known builders. It really boils down to the contractors they have working on your house. Anytime you buy a new home, make sure those guys aren't putting their lunch trash in your vents or leaving *** in them (one of my friends bought from a $1 mil Toll Brothers home and that happened to them). Inspect every stage of the building process!!

to TAnderson Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #777341

That is correct - EVERY builder has problems depending on location/contractors used/foreman/etc. Does not matter if the house if 100 million or 100 thousand.

Hire GOOD inspectors. I would also build in locations with stricter code as all builders tend to follow the lowest denominator.

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