Richmond, Virginia
Not resolved

Pulte homes was scheduled to complete their 1 year warranty fix of nail pops, cracks etc...They sent a man who spoke no english; spent 12 hours one day, and came back the next day, ruined the walls, left paint on the floor, windows, pictures, dry wall dust everywhere; and used our Dyson vacuum to clean up. The customer service number has been disconnected, and that is the only way to contact our warranty agent. It has taken hours to clean up what was left behind, and that is not to mention the work was not complete or satisfactory in any way.

Monetary Loss: $270.

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You can always reach customer service through the pulte website ( go to 'contact us' then click to submit a warranty request. Pulte will definitely take care of your concerns.


The reason everything is not done right is because Pulte subcontracts to the cheapest bidding contractor. The contractors than subcontract to other non-licensed handy man to do work under the contractor's license.

Everyone takes a cut and the non licensed person does the work. Since Pulte is a large company and has influence with city officials over looking code violations.

Than of course Pulte takes the largest cut. It's sad, but it's true!!


We would like to assist you in getting in touch with your local customer service team (if you haven't been able to do so yet). If you can send your name, contact information and quick description of the issues to this email address:, we can ask somebody locally to reach out to you. Thank you.


Go to Pulte's website and there will be a way to contact Customer Service. Take photographs, document everything, and just keep complaining. Good luck and I hope it gets resolved to your satisfaction.